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Strawberry Cacao Case | 12 Bars

Raising the Bar for our Strawberry Cacao Vegan Protein Real Food Bar Made With LOW FODMAP FOODS means a delicious combination of dark chocolate chips, strawberry, organic rice protein and other whole food ingredients without artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. This bar packs a serious punch of 12g of protein. INGREDIENTS:...

VEGAN STARTER KIT Strawberry Cacao Chip Case | 24 Bars + Chocolate Vegan Protein Shake + Free Book

Get the "The Low & Lean Lose Fat High Protein No Bloat Diet" Book with meal plans and recipes for free when you order the first month of meal replacements. The Low & Lean Lose FAT High Protein BLOAT FREE Diet was developed by Christine Hanson Haas, M.S., L.D.N., C.N.S.,...
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