The STELLAR LABS® Heart Healthy LowFODMAP Elimination Diet GROCERY LIST

The Stellar Labs® Heart Healthy Elimination Diet Grocery List made with LowFODMAP Foods can be used to shop for LowFODMAP Foods when on the elimination phase of the LowFODMAP diet and/or when following one of our portion controlled Stellar Labs® LowFODMAP Elimination Meal Plans.

If you are following a LowFODMAP elimination diet, use the The Stellar Labs® Heart Healthy Elimination Diet Exchange List in addition to this grocery list to determine the amount of food you can have at each meal as many of these foods are low in FODMAPS only when consumed in specific quantities.

For heart health, please note that all canned products should have no sugar added, and all meats should be skinless and trimmed of fat. Select commercially packaged foods such as crackers and perishable items that are reduced fat, fat-free, or low-fat. Vegetables and fruits can be purchased frozen or fresh.

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