The STELLAR LABS® Heart Healthy LowFODMAP Elimination Diet EXCHANGE LIST

The Stellar Labs® Heart Healthy Elimination Diet Exchange List made with LowFODMAP Foods is a list of foods determined to be LowFODMAP by Monash University. Each food is heart healthy and has been categorized into a food group then broken down into a portion controlled serving with a similar energy and macronutrient content as referenced in the American Diabeteic Association and American Diabetes Association Exchange System.

This list may be used by patients following a Stellar Labs® portion controlled LowFODMAP elimination meal plan or for patients with gas and bloating issues following other portion controlled meal plans that reference the American Diabetes or American Dietetic Association Exchange System.

Please note this list was created by a Stellar Labs® licensed nutritionist and has not been approved by Monash University, the American Dietetic Association or the American Diabetes Association. It is recommended to use this list under the advice of your registered licensed dietitian nutritionist.

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